How many zeros are there in Ten Trillion Dollars?

You must see this film! You will be amazed, shocked and horrified whilst at the same time you will not at all be surprised given the current financial climate. It may help however to explain to you the mess we are in worldwide. It is not being shown at the big cinemas however, it is a picture house film with limited release.

A non-fictional story of mammoth proportions it tells the story of the huge federal debt in the USA which has already far outstripped conceivable proportions. The National Debt clock has had to be altered to allow for a double digit display.

The film is very up to the minute although it only predicts that the 10 Trillion mark would be reached in January 2009 whereas it is there already.


It is directed by Patrick Creadon and was nominated for a Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

The unlikely star of the documentary is Bob Bixby. You have to see the amount of paper on his desk to realise that there is a small forest somewhere which is now completely felled to allow him to keep all of the paper there. He is a little awkard at the start but comes through with some humour and you will end up feeling some affection for him.

This is not however another mad sect of Americans trying to convert you. It is full of facts and the trump card is that David Walker the former US Comptroller General is a major contributor to the story. He resigned over the US financial policy under George W Bush in 2007 having been in his job through several previous administrations.


Go and see it!


Some reviews :


“…it accomplishes an amazing thing. It explains the national debt…”

— Roger Ebert | Chicago Sun-Times

“”I.O.U.S.A.” might be the most must-see movie out there…”

— G. Allen Johnson | The San Francisco Chronicle

“an INCONVENIENT TRUTH for the debt crisis…”

— Michelle Orange | The Village Voice


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