Why do girls wear high heels?

I have seen two or three girls over the last couple of days teetering about on high heels. Why do we do this to ourselves?

There is no point in trying to walk in high heels when half of our university campus is on a steep slope. So to the girl who was walking down the hill yesterday threatening to do her back and her ankles in – stop it! Wear sensible shoes!


High heels have their place. I like wearing them in the evening when I get glammed up to go out somewhere fancy. During the day, when I was working I wore trainers to walk to work and then wore reasonable heels to go with work suits, but now that I am a born again student I can wear boots or more sensible shoes with jeans. I would not be able to carry everything I need with me if I was threatening to fall over with every step. The other change in my life is that I now use the bus. I have become quite green and use the bus every day. I can read, I can listen to music, I can marvel at the fact that noone falls over when they get on or off the speeding bus. But if I were to wear high heels I would be at serious risk…….!


I live in a city of cobbled streets and the sensible thing to do is to wear your flats and carry your good shoes to put on when you get where you’re going – apart from anything else you will save money on heeling your shoes. Now that we have gone back to WWII thriftiness we will be heeling shoes not throwing them away and buying new ones…..


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