Cheap flights


We have much to thank Michael O’Leary for. He takes us back and forth across the Irish Sea in next to no time and sometimes for very little money indeed. (Of course there are times when demand pushes the prices up to astronomic proportions in comparison!)


However there are downsides….the cheap flights mean that the planes are often full with the weekend traveller with a slightly different agenda. He is on a mission. He is going to have a great weekend with his mates in a city where no-one will recognise him, the girls will not have heard his accent or his charming jokes before and he can get plastered. He can do this because he doesn’t mind terribly much where he stays when he gets there (all he really needs is a shower and a mirror to do his hair) and because of the cheap flights.


So on a Sunday he can then get on the plane home with his mates and continue to have a good time… The chat and laughter has to be loud mind you to convince him and everyone else that he has had a really good time. Then in the departure lounge he can remind you that no matter what you have been doing – he has had a Really Good Weekend…by recounting all the capers they have enjoyed (mainly as a result of much alcohol) and the weekend must continue all the way across the Irish Sea on the plane – where due to the aircraft noise he has to shout at his friends….and into the arrivals hall at his home airport……where surely some realisation that he has to go back to work tomorrow has to start dawning……


And then in a few weeks time he will be back…. to terrorise more air passengers….perhaps Prague next – what do you think guys, will we go to Prague next time? …..yes please do I won’t be on that flight!


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