DIY – is it for me?

I have in the past made furniture from Ikea  without any outside help. It stood the test of time. I was quite proud of it.


What I did not expect, however, was the arrival of a sofabed in big bits. It is standing in the spare room, or what will be the spare room when I get the bed made. It is very heavy!  This means that the friend who is coming to stay will have to be coaxed into helping make up the bed first – literally! It is in such big bits that it will take at least two, if not three,  of us to manhandle the bits into place. Encouragingly the instructions tell me that all I need (apart from a strong friend or two) is a flat head screwdriver and the screws which they have provided…..

What do old people do? Of course the answer to that is that largely they do not buy stuff from the internet. They buy things from a shop where they can see what it looks like and have it delivered in one piece.

I did not see the “Pay Extra to have me put together on delivery” button on the website which the delivery firm tell me was there for the asking.  Even the offer of a cup of tea would not persuade the two lads who delivered it to do anything other than take it out of the cardboard boxes for me….so watch this space.  

Sisters are doing it for themselves……


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