Transparent and available…..more FOI

Scott Douglas of Holyrood PR had his own run-in with the Scottish Government when he asked for information about the award of PR contracts and received the big knock back. He now plans to take matters further.  He tells us how that has come about on the Holyrood PR website.


Kevin Dunion (Photo by Ashley Coombes at Epicscotland)
Kevin Dunion (Photo by Ashley Coombes at Epicscotland)



He has great faith in Kevin Dunion, the Scottish FOI Commissioner, being able to make the requested information available to him. This, he says, is a man with a “no-nonsense” approach and who believes that FOI means what it says on the tin.  There are over 100,000 public bodies which are affected by the FOISA (Freedom of Information Scotland Act) and who come within Mr Dunion’s jurisdiction if they don’t play ball in the first instance. 

We will have to keep watching to see if Douglas eventually gets what he wants. 

I have my own FOI requests……watch this space!


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