Another day, another library

Westminster Public Library on Buckingham Palace Road, London is another imposing Victorian building. Inside the reading room there is a minstrels’ gallery where books are also stored. The balustrade is of wrought iron and reminds me of a school. There are people here of all ages and backgrounds.

There is the bag lady. She has two huge suitcases on wheels with her which she insists on keeping right beside her whilst she devours the newspaper.

Until about half an hour ago there was Angry Old Woman sitting next to me who gave everyone the death stare if they dared make any noise whatsoever – notwithstanding that this is not the most silent library I have ever been in as it is situated on a main road (and the lofty windows are open!)

The good thing is that there is free wifi, comfortable chairs which do not scrape on the floor, and it is light and airy, a huge benefit in any library.

The guy next to me who had a penchant for thumping on the keyboard has thankfully kept his visit brief, and hopefully the woman in front of me who is now on the phone will not stay long either…….


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