The World of Fashion

Two things dear reader……(are there any readers out there…..if so perhaps you could let me know!)

One thing is that the most prolific and important fashion blogger writing this week is only 13. Her name is Tavi Gevinson and she is so important that she got invited to Fashion Week in New York. You can read her blog too.

The other thing is that, having read Tavi’s blog, I noticed that she used images from the NASA website – so here just for you is the link to the Astronomy Picture of the Day. They are amazing images and will serve as a reminder that we are all part of something much bigger than you or I can possibly imagine and more important than fashion. But fashion has its own place in our lives and some comments on this topic will form part of my new posts soon…..

CoRoT satellite discovers rocky planet
CoRoT satellite discovers rocky planet


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