Globespan grounded



It’s snowing! At least, here in central Edinburgh it is snowing that horrid slushy, wet stuff that doesn’t even cover the pavements, but makes you feel wet and cold just looking at it. So if the weather is not going to brighten us up, then the business news in Scotland today will do little to help as it is especially gloomy, with news that our very own Flyglobespan has gone into administration. According to the BBC there is some concern over the fact that credit card payments did not actually reach the company’s bank over the last few weeks, so it is not really surprising that the company has got into financial difficulties, even though it made an operating profit over the last financial year. Douglas Fraser tells us that E-Clear the credit card company had not paid monies over to the low budget airline. The question is then why did the people running the company not do something about that? There are about 4,500 passengers stranded abroad and thousands more who are due to fly with the company over the coming weeks who will not necessarily get refunds and who may want to know why their money did not actually reach the company itself, and I am sure the employees may want answers to some questions too.


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