Blogging and Jogging

Yes I have broken some of my New Year Resolutions already, but they are still worth making aren’t they? At least it makes you think a little about your life and take stock. The usual ones about losing weight and getting fit are already on my agenda, have been there since about ten years ago, but are broken intermittently when real life gets in the way. Other than that I have not blogged as much as I had intended since 1 January 2010, although I am trying hard today to put that to rights! Other people are trying hard to keep to theirs.

There are those poor wee souls, the newest gym bunnies at the gym now. They will probably last another two weeks or so, before giving in to the attractions of eating, drinking and making merry, and generally being anywhere other than in an enclosed space populated by torture devices. You can recognise the breed pretty easily. They are dressed in the latest gear, keep checking their ‘sounds’ on their Ipods attached to their arms, and are wearing pristine white trainers that have never seen the light of day except to walk the few hundred yards from the changing room to the gym. They have a variety of techniques, all bad, particularly it seems on the rowing machine where the chain which connects to the mechanism should be kept taut, and the action should be smooth. There they are though these novices, rowing away at ninety miles an hour and the chain slapping all over the place. They seem to travel in packs when they are female. There were three at our gym on Saturday morning, all in their make-up and calling less than sweetly to each other from one piece of equipment or another. No they won’t last the pace either and soon it will be back to relative peace and quiet on my regularly irregular visits.

So back to the blogging.

Oh and Happy New Year!


One thought on “Blogging and Jogging

  1. Aha!! so THAT’s how you’re supposed to use the rower? Thanks for that. I’ve been gymming for a year now (tho’ the fact that I was 60+ when I first went is a bit of a giveaway) but had a few weeks off to enjoy wine and chocolate in lesser moderation, and only made it back on Monday – yes lots of sprightly brightly lasses, but it’s the pimply lads taking it in turns to do half a dozen reps on one chest pull while the other rests on the adjoining one!
    (I came to this vis 6S which I’ve just joined – that might not be so disciplined as the gym)

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