Hacked off!

I have developed a loathing of hackers. It has just started today when I found out that my website (not this one but a local newspaper which I have just started) has been compromised by persons unknown.

I am very angry indeed but of course this does no real good. It is of no use whatsoever to rail against something which is completely unreasonable and without point. Also, it would be too easy to think that perhaps there was something personal in it, and that for some reason the hackers had targeted me or my site in an effort to sabotage it….

It will take an amount of unravelling to sort it out which I (and those who might be kind enough to help me with this task) could really do without – today or indeed any day.

Hackers go home!

(Well at least that’s got that off my chest…..!)


2 thoughts on “Hacked off!

  1. Assuming you are using a standard WordPress install, the two best things you can do are:

    a) create a folder with an unusual name on your server to hold your WordPress files, including the admin login page. Don’t use /wordpress or keep them in the root directory as these are the most common places hackers will look.

    b) completely neuter the default admin account. Create a new account for yourself, if you haven’t already, and give it full administration privileges, then remove all privileges from the Admin account. Again this is a fairly common target for hackers (since every WordPress install must have an admin account) but by neutering it you can ensure than even if a hacker does get into your site, they can’t do anything.

    Hopefully that’s of some use.

    1. Or I could ditch WordPress and start using Rapidweaver…….which Is what I have done! I don’t know where the problem has come from so I have just started again but have retained the old content. Thanks Jodi for your comments but I have now deleted the WP website, although I still use it for my own blog.

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