Recycling has got me tied up in knots


We live in a World Heritage site. I am reminded of that every time I go out of the front door and look up at the glorious sweep of New Town buildings to either side of our house.

When it comes to rubbish it means that we have to hang our black bags of general rubbish out on the Georgian railings twice weekly.

The council have also introduced a widespread recycling policy to reduce the amount of refuse sent to landfill, not only for environmental reasons, but also for reasons of expense.

Now this gives me a headache. I understand and fully applaud all the eco reasons for being so active on this front. But it now means that rather than putting rubbish out on the pavement twice weekly we have to think about it almost every day.

There’s the blue box…that’s the heavy one with the bottles in it. That goes out every second Monday. One is sometimes tempted to wonder if that is often enough.  Then there’s the red box. That has cardboard and other stuff and it goes out the other Monday that the blue one doesn’t.

Then there’s the food bin. That’s every Friday morning, but so early you actually have to remember to do it the evening before. Oh, and yes we still have the twice weekly general collection.

I am exhausted just thinking about it, never mind actually doing the separation of recyclable elements of what we bring into the house, and then presenting it for collection.

So actually don’t tell anyone but last week I had a little protest of my own. Nobody knows except you. (come a little bit closer…) I filled the general rubbish bags with stuff that could have been recycled. Just once. And you know, I actually did not feel guilty. It just made my life a little less complicated this week!

Now which box is it this week….?


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