Halloween is big, Christmas is even bigger and then of course there is Labour Day, Thanksgiving and New Years!

All these holidays are a time to have fun. Maybe the Americans have it right after all. In Scotland we are very big on Hogmanay, although a little more restrained at Christmas, traditionally a family time so maybe that is why!

Halloween here in the US is very black and orange. Every shop window is dressed in witches and broomsticks and spiders’ webs. Houses are already sporting pumpkins on the doorstep ready to be carved into a leering smile to ward off the bad spirits. Pumpkins are ten a penny here and the photograph shows a display we saw in Napa Valley. Many beautiful colours and all shapes and sizes. Of course since the Americans are mainly derived from immigrants the celebrations had to be brought with them and the Halloween thing came from Ireland!



One thought on “Celebrations

  1. Hi Phyllis & Martin – My first visit to your blog; in fact any blog. Sounds like your having fab, relaxing time. love Geo & Michelle xxxx

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