Tomato sauce with that?

Silvio Berlusconi has finally been attacked in a manner so direct that even he cannot ignore it. Someone in Milan has thought enough about him to give him a bloody nose according to the BBC. This after he told a political rally that although his critics paint him as a monster he is actually good looking. So perhaps this is a rage built upon old-fashioned jealousy then?

The Washington Post tell us that the 73 year-old premier has been taken to hospital after being punched and knocked off his feet. They also report that the attacker has been arrested. It is difficult to understand how someone could be so incensed to launch an assault on the media mogul that they would want to endanger their own liberty, although easy to find something to dislike about him, since he courts publicity for its own sake. Oh and then there is the womanising. As Tiger and David know this always attracts a little media attention.


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