Why is January at the beginning of the year? It has to be the most depressing month! So why don’t we move it somewhere else with its resolutions (which by the second week you have forgotten far less remembered to keep up), the wind and rain and snow which prevail (and soak you through to the very bones when you are least expecting it), and the sales which look good from the display windows outside the shop and then when you go inside you realise all the good bargains are in the wrong size? (at least they’re not in your size!) 





So if we had January for example in the middle of the summer would it not be easier to have it      sandwiched in between two slightly warmer months? It might even be that you could avoid it altogether if you go on holiday for some of it – bearing in mind that you have to work late before you go on holiday to be ready and then work late when you come back to catch up. So if you go on holiday in the middle two weeks then you could actually forget about it completely! 


There you go – my solution in a nutshell. Ignore January. Enjoy the rest of the year….things are gonna get better….(Who said that anyway? Was Gordon Brown there at the time? Did he believe it? What does he think now?) 


Answers on a postcard please – or alternatively by commenting on my blog! I put a lot of effort into this – you could at least now let me know what you think. I can take criticism…. well constructive criticism anyway!


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